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彡//ωo ミ ‼ ★ Ðuckч-ρøи ★
06 April 2011 @ 11:26 am

Ever get that feeling that someone was dropped into your life so you have a shot at being happy?

I do. I always have. I went from being the loneliest kid in school, to being one of the happiest, though it certainly never show in my face. After all, I had a reputation on the line, and nothing, not even him, was going to destroy it.

The day he arrived. He walked into the classroom, bag over his shoulder, an undelighted expression on his face. The teacher introduced him and I paid no heed. The teacher sent him to the back of the class to sit next to me. I glanced over briefly, only to avert my gaze when he turned to look at me. Without a word, he pulled a notebook and pen from his bag, and got to work. I felt my eyes wander back to him again. I couldn't help it. There was something about him that had somehow caught my interest.

He turned to look at me again and I quickly averted my eyes once more. I wondered if he noticed my staring, and once seeing a smile cross his face, I knew he had. Neither of us said a word, eventually going about our own business. He went back to taking notes while I fucked off and decided to draw in my notebook instead.

Once the bell rang, I stuffed everything into my bag and took off. I didn't take a look back, only heading for my locker. I wasn't there a mere five seconds before he showed up next to me. I said nothing, just continuing my job of stuffed unwanted textbooks into my locker. One simple glance over and I noticed there was a reason he had basically followed me to my locker like a teenage stalker.

His locker was two down from mine. I made a mental note of that before slamming my locker shut and walking off.

The rest of the day, I never saw him unless he was near his locker at the same time I was near mine. I wanted it to stay that way if possible.

The next few weeks were exactly the same. Nothing changed. Only he decided to be the brave one.

Lunchtime was my time to escape from the confines of school and go have some time to myself. Normally I walked off school property and had a smoke. I didn't care if I was underage. It calmed me down, so I did it. Only this day, he followed me. I made it seem like I hadn't noticed him. That only worked for so long.

I stopped at some point or another and decided it was time to have my smoke and head back to the school. I had only pulled the cancer stick out when he spoke to me. He asked me for a cigarette. Normally I told anyone who asked no, simply because cigarettes didn't come cheap and I wasn't that rich of a kid. But this time I didn't say no. I handed one over without a word. I even lit the damn thing for him. We stood there and just took drag after drag, eventually dropping the cigarettes to the ground and smashing them out with our feet. He thanked me and walked off, without any other word.

Then that happened for the next month, at least until I ran out of money and thus ran out of cigarettes. Then the roles reversed. He started showing up with the cigarettes, offering me one before I could even ask. I would take it without hesitation, smiles creeping up onto my face here and there. That lead to talking. We started doing that more and more, and I found it delightful.

Eventually, I finally learned his name, since I zoned out when the teacher had mentioned it the first day he arrived.

Suzuki Akira.

Upon hearing it, I asked him if he was related to the person who sold Suzuki motorcycles. Too bad he wasn't.

The rest of the school year flew by without a care and soon enough, summer approached. Normally during summer, I would hibernate in my room, in order to avoid my parents. I never would step foot outside unless I absolutely had to. But this summer, all I wanted to do was do things with Akira. And thats what we did.

We went bowling. We went shopping, and he provided the money. We ate out at amazing restaurants. It was certainly something different than what I was used to.

Akira disappeared for three weeks when he joined his family for a vacation out of the country. There entire time he was gone, I felt like there was a part of me missing. Like I had a gaping hole in my chest that I couldn't fill. We sent the occasional e-mail back and forth, but it wasn't enough for me. I needed to see him in person. Be able to speak to him face-to-face. And when those three weeks had gone by, slowly I might add, I was thrilled to see him again before we started school in the fall.

School started just like it always did, though now I had a good friend to enjoy it with. Everything went great until a rumor started to spread about the both of us. Soon, the whole school heard and I refused to show my face there again, hiding out in different places during the school day and return home when I could. I didn't see Akira the entire time. I never answered his e-mails, phone calls or text messages. I just couldn't bring myself to contact him. I didn't want to make the rumor worse if someone caught us together again.

Eventually, my parents caught on and thus forced me to go back to school. I ignored Akira then too, trying to get the rumor to disappear before I did anything more. I liked staying the quiet kid with no friends, not the newest 'queer' to walk the school hallways. After weeks of still ignoring Akira, he finally confronted me.

He pulled me into the boys bathroom and locked the door with the keys he managed to swipe from the school janitor. Once inside, all he did was yell, mostly wondering why I refused to talk to him anymore or even say hello. I explain to him about the rubies that he mist have known about too. After more yelling from him, telling me to not take it personally, I eventually drew quiet, receding into the shell I had made ever since the constant yelling of my parents. Akira caught on, I could tell, once he lowered his face and cut the yelling short. He just stared at me, as if he was trying to find a weakness to the shell I had withdrawn into.

I opened my mouth to finally talk, after I couldn't take the silence anymore, only to have Akira knock the wind out of me by slamming me against the bathroom wall. It didn't take long for me to regain my breath only to lose it once again when Akira crashed his lips against mine, forcing me into a rough kiss. I didn't react at first, being taken by surprise, but I soon found myself under a slight trance by it all. I let the kiss continue, until Akira trying to slip his hands under my shirt. I broke free of the trance, pushing Akira away from me, hard enough to send him backwards onto the bathroom floor. He stared up at me, confusion written all over his face. I snatched the key from him, unlocking the door and running out, leaving him there to stare at the wall.

I left my bag behind with him as I ran out of the building and down the sidewalk, bumping into countless people as I did so, dozens of thoughts collecting in my head. What had just happened? He kissed me! I'm not even gay! What do I do?

I snuck into a deserted alleyway and sat on the ground, back against a building. I had to sort my thoughts, figure out what was going on. Why did he do that? He obviously thought I was gay to some degree, when I clearly knew I wasn't.

Or so I thought.

After that incident, neither one of us spoke to each other, just like what happened during the rumor incident. Only this time, neither one of us tried to get a hold of the other by any means. No phone calls. No e-mails. No text messages. We didn't even say hi to each in the halls when we passed each other. We went on as if we didn't even know each other at all.

Deep down, I was slowly braking. On the outside, I never showed it. But once I was home and it was time for bed, I would lie there awake, stare at the ceiling and just cry. I didn't know why this upset me so much, but I knew there was a reason behind it. And one night, I finally broke down, and called him.

I snuck out of the house that same night. I met him at the half way point between both our houses. We walked in silence back to his place, sneaking in through the back door so we weren't caught. Up to his room we went, quietly as two little mice. Once in, Akira shut the door and we started to talk. And once it was said and done, I knew why I would cry every night. I knew why I had that hole on my chest when he left for three weeks in the summer. I knew why I needed to see him before I broke completely.

I loved him with all my heart.

He confessed to loving me. And when we were alone in that bathroom, he couldn't help himself. He apologized and I accepted the apology without a second thought, telling him I knew exactly how I felt, now that I wasn't as confused about it.

He smiled, pulling me into a hug. I slipped my arms around him, burying my face into his chest, a smile forming on my lips as well. It didn't take long before we pulled away, only to close the gap with kissing instead of hugging.

We eventually found ourselves in his bed together, our clothes scattered across the floor. He was hovered over me, a smirk crossing his face as he looked down at me. He leaned down, nipping and biting at my neck and shoulders, leaving marks where ever he went. His hands snaked their way across my body; one hand took the job upon itself to play with one of my nipples, forcing moans and groans to slip right from my mouth with no warning. That hand was soon replaced with his tongue and teeth as licked and nipped at it playfully. The other hand had travelled all the way down my body, stopping right on the inside of my thigh, where it decided to stay until finally moving on.

It soon found itself in the perfect spot. A finger traced it's way up my already hardened member, skillfully following one of the veins without any slip ups. I cursed under my breath, not sure if Akira had heard me or not. I didn't dwell on the matter as he removed his hand, and, like he did before, replaced it with his tongue, running the length of it before slowly licking the head, lapping up the pre-cum that leaked there. I groaned at the sensation, my hands gripping the sheets. He glanced up at me as he took one final lick, before leaving it. He fumbled about with the table drawer next to the bed. With half-lidded eyes, I looked over, not knowing what he was searching for until I heard the familiar pop of a cap.

The next thing I felt was a cold, slick finger being inserted into me, and at the feeling of being invaded, I groaned a bit in pain, muscles tensing at the sensation. My body soon grew used to it in enough time to have him slide another finger in to accompany the first one. I could feel a whimper crawling it's way up my throat but I held it back, only to fully let it escape when a third debit entered without warning. It didn't take long for Akira to start twisting those skilled fingers of his inside me, easily scissoring me. A loud moan escaped my lips when he found that wonderful spot inside me, hitting it with his fingers. I watched the smirk on his face grow larger as that moan made it's way to his ears.

I felt empty when he pulled his fingers out, only to listen as he groaned while lubing up his own cock, preparing himself for what was next. He positioned himself between my legs, leaning down to kiss me before pushing himself inside. The feeling was a bit different than his fingers before, but it was much more enjoyable. It didn't take long for him to pull almost completely out before slamming himself back in. He kept this up, earning pleasurable sounds from me the entire time. Soon he found that sweet spot again, and I nearly screamed out in esctacy, using his neck as a sound muffler. From then on, he only hit that spot, driving me closer and closer to my climax. With a few more thrusts, he sent me completely over the edge. I closed my eyes, seeing nothing but bright stars and mini explosions. The muscles inside me clenched as the orgasm flooded through my body. I gripped the sheets tight as I came all over both our stomachs. It wasn't long before he felt the same rush I did, burying his face in my neck and coming inside of me.

We stayed like that for the next few minutes, waiting until our breathing calmed down to a normal rate, our bodies weak after our rides of pleasure. Akira rolled to the side, slipping out of me at the same time. He stayed on his back for a moment, staring up at the ceiling before finally turning his attention towards me. I turned onto my side, my eyes locking with his. He reached out, putting his arm around me and pulling me close. I buried my head into his neck, listening to him as he slowly drifted to sleep; at least until I too, fell asleep.

From then on, we spent every waking moment together. We had our rough patches here and there, but we would get over every problem we had. We ignored the students at school who knew about what we were. We rebelled and held hands as we walked through the halls. We kissed each other between classes. And weekend nights... Those were our secret nights together.

I never had the feeling someone was dropped into my life to make me happy until I met him. And... I'm glad he's still around.

So, I ask you still. Have you ever had that feeling?


I'll post a better one when I get home. :T

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彡//ωo ミ ‼ ★ Ðuckч-ρøи ★
11 December 2010 @ 12:56 pm
彡//ωo ミ ‼ ★ Ðuckч-ρøи ★
11 December 2010 @ 12:55 pm
彡//ωo ミ ‼ ★ Ðuckч-ρøи ★
11 December 2010 @ 12:54 pm
彡//ωo ミ ‼ ★ Ðuckч-ρøи ★
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彡//ωo ミ ‼ ★ Ðuckч-ρøи ★
11 December 2010 @ 12:47 pm
彡//ωo ミ ‼ ★ Ðuckч-ρøи ★
11 December 2010 @ 12:44 pm
 I've been holding onto this file for a while, but now that my RP partner doesn't have Windows.... but a Mac instead, I'm posting it here... so she can reread it. -nod- 

Some parts are missing... that exactly sure why.  Must have forgot them. Oh well.

PART 1Collapse )
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26 March 2010 @ 09:11 am


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25 March 2010 @ 12:36 pm
In some sense anyway. >_>

Don't mind me.

Just posting Pokii the pine cone demon.

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24 March 2010 @ 11:56 am
I really don't know why I'm typing up a journal entry... at the beginning of the day... when I SHOULD be working on my argumentive essay.

Yay, let's go talk about gay marriage and get into an argument about it. :D  Yes, my paper on on that.  Gay marriage and I get to convince you that it's okay to have happen.  Unless you already think it's okay then... you're on my side with the argument. :D  And I'd love you for that.

Erm, I also need to get that car of mine registered by next Monday. x__x  Where'd that picture I took of it go?

I also didn't get the graphic design job. ;___;  I'm pretty upset about that.  But, he liked my artwork so, I suppose that's an upside and the manager also said, if I stay at it, I could have a great job in that profession. (My high school teachers still say I should go into a science career... In YOUR FACES TEACHERS. GRAPHIC DESIGN IS WHERE I BELONG.)

Ick, I need a shower. x_x My hair is gross.  Like... really gross. Ugh.

And why the hell must Girugamesh be playing so far away in New Jersey? That's saddening for me. .__.  I want to see them~ <3 Well, mostly Shuu and Ryo but, that's besides the point.

Oh, oh, one last thing... I got someone to make me a new Ruki cosplay. Cockroach FTW. I had the outfit before but my parents tossed it on me while I was at college. Thanks guys, thanks.  So, I need a new one.  And I'm going to try and get them to help me make another outfit.  I sorta want to do Uruha, but I'm at a loss for what outfit. x__x Suggestions would be appreciated.

Okay, I lied.  THIS is the last thing.

My new car.  2007 Ford Focus. *w* My baby. <3
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